We can work on Role of nurses in selecting or designing and evaluating information systems

What role do you think nurses should have in selecting or designing and evaluating information systems? What strategies are useful to facilitate implementation of an information system and what are common barriers to implementation? Include your experience as well as information from the literature in your response.

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Moreover the advanced tests provided by the Weatherford labs are particularly designed to evaluate different properties such as Petrophysics, Fluid Flow Properties, Rock Mechanics, Enhanced Oil Recovery, and others. The second category is about reservoir solutions, this category generally discuss about the oilfield challenges and the solution that the company offer to the clients for several difficulties that the operators faced. Coming to third category surface logging system, is mostly talking about the extraction of fluids from the underground and determining the amount of sufficient gases present in the reservoir by means of specific measurements and Techniques. Inadequate fluid extraction or using unsuitable devices can cause an error in the measurements also reduce the accuracy of the analysis. Nevertheless, Weatherford Company also offers to the operator’s wireline services, the wireline services include all the advance and important information about the well. Likewise wireline fulfil all the client needs with unequalled flexibility and with integrated strategic wireline technologies, tools, and syste In addition, completion and stimulation is also one of the essential services provided by Weatherford Company. To achieve a high quality production of the well it is important to perform critical treatments and upgrades efficiently. This requires a careful preparation and extensive capability. Consequently, Weatherford delivers a complete facilities, breadth, and experience in multi subjects whether on the surface or down the well, in laboratories or factories. The company focus is to deliver a high quality services in the industry. Weatherford labs Weatherford Laboratories are involved in rock and fluid analysis by providing several services related to oil and gas production around the world. Weatherford labs has wide experience in working with different type of fluids and reservoir which play an important role for oil and gas producers. In addition, this experience leads the company to reach determinations on the best production for the long-term viability of a well. Weatherford labs provide several services according to the client requirements, for instance MICP (Mercury injection and Capillary pressure), Porosity and Permeability measurement, CT scan for cores, Soxhlet Cleaning, Core photo, Core gamma, Fluid Saturation by Dean Stark, Salinity Analysis, and finally Miscible Extraction. Weatherford laboratory sections The Waterford lab in Oman is divided into several sections and each department has special tasks. The flow chart below shows the different sect The Conventional core analysis department is about using different instrument in order to measure the porosity and permeability of fluids using Nitrogen and Helium gases. In addition porosity and permeability are important factors in petroleum. This section provide an important data related to porosity and permeability in order to get a better understanding in reservoir and flow of different types of fluids using DHP (Digital Helium Porosimeter) and DGP (Digital Gas Porosimeter) devices also VINCI is one of the instruments that used for steady- state processes. SCAL sectio Special core analysis section are specialist in understanding petrophysical properties goes beyond special techniques with advance tests to help the client more in estimating their fields. It is important to note however, that SCAl provide several services in MICP (mercury injection and capillary pressure), FRF (formation resistivity factor), and permeability of fluids especially water, CT scan, and flush cleaning using different solvents. However, the department provides unique tests related to the above processes in order to ensure the delivery of good quality services and focus on saving costs to the customer. Therefore, SCAL section is responsible for different fluid analysis at several stages in order to fulfil all the operational requirements and to achieve important results that optimize production and development of the fields.>

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