We can work on Review Plan based on peer review

read the classmate feedback and suggestions. Choose one suggestion and filled up the prompt bellow. ( my essay that was revied by the classmate is attached)
The purpose of the revision plan is to give us direction when we sit down to revise. Additionally, it is important to think about the suggestions that we have been given, not to just make the changes because someone said to.
Sort through your peer feedback (file attached) , and consider those suggestions, also take into account the plan you have in your head for moving your paper forward (additional sources, other idea you want to incorporate, etc.).

S1: (here you are to write out the first suggestion).
R1:( here you are to write out your 3-part response)
1) (I agree with this suggestion or I disagree with this suggestion)
2) (Explain why).
3) (If you agree, explain how you will incorporate this revision into your paper. Or if you disagree, explain how you will revise your paper to keep readers from responding that way).

4-Self-assessment: Additionally, what else have you identified that you need to work on in this revision?

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