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You have been charged with the development of a Crisis Management Plan for the real or hypothetical health care organization that you chose earlier in this course. Your research should be based on the following criteria:
•Select a real or hypothetical crisis such as a natural disaster (hurricane, tornado, flooding, or earthquake), a catastrophic building failure, or an act of terrorism.
•Discuss resource management based on ethical approaches used during crisis management. ?Consider issues such as patient triage or current as well as incoming patients, supply, and personnel availability.

•Discuss and develop an authoritative chain of command for crisis management. ?Include such responsibilities as Incident Commander, Communications Officer, and other members of the chain of command for the incident.

•Discuss the importance and implementation of community communication, involvement, and coordination.
•Discuss the necessary policies for personnel management and safety. ?Include provisions for lock-down status and family communication abilities.

•Outline the steps for supply chain management both for personnel and the supplies needed to provide care.



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