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I need my final copy of my rough draft completed. According to the professors review of it, I am missing the Abstract section (in the beginning), Independent Variable, Dependent Variable, control variable, and analysis plan (all in the Methods section of the paper), Results Section, and the discussion section of the paper (at the end). Attached is an example of what my paper should look like/formatted and how it should be constructed for completion, according to a proposal my professor has written. Also attached is the copy of the final draft of the research proposal that I would like those above mentioned things added to.

The proposal should be about 12 pages in length not including title, abstract, and references. The final copy of the Research Proposal must include the following information: 1) Title page (Abstract not required) 2) Introduction 3) Literature Review (annotated bibliographies should be synthesized and applied here) 4) Proposed Methods (survey included in appendix) & Conclusion (i.e., Expected Findings/limitations) 5) And an added Reference page using Proper APA citation!!! Note this needs to be on a separate page and the last page of the proposal.

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