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Final: Research Paper

An ASA Sample Paper

Instructions for this Assignment

Your  final exam for the course will be the submission of an essay that you  have worked on in pieces throughout the course. You selected a topic at  the beginning of the semester, then performed research of both internet  sources, and academic sources throughout the semester. You will include  your literature review (edit it based on feedback) examining the sources  you find, draw conclusions from the readings, construct a thesis, and  write an essay that argues for your thesis. 

Using Microsoft Word, write an essay with the required sections presented in the course

Grading Criteria

This assignment is worth 100 points. You will be assessed on:

Following instructionsLength: A minimum of 2000 words NOT INCLUDING the title page, abstract, references, or any appendices. But please do not write more than 3000 words.Proper ASA formatting of paper (margins, head of the paper, headings, pagination, font type and size, double-spacing)Including the required sections: ASA structured title page, abstract, introduction,literature review, premises, conclusion, and references. Proper grammar, syntax and sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, word usage, and using active voice.Using discipline-specific (SOCIOLOGICAL) sources and terminologyProper ASA in-text citations and reference constructionHaving an appropriate, narrow, sociological, and stated research question with two variables (Effect of X on Y)Accurately representing the sources used in the paperIncluding a minimum of 12 sources, 10 of which must be from peer-reviewed sociological journals, and the other 2 of which may be from the unit 3 assignment.

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