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I’d like to discuss the relevance (“on-topicness”) of questions regarding the effects of physical influence on biologic organisms, specifically humans.

Recently, there have been these two questions:

Is WiFi safe for humans?
Is it possible to kill a human with a powerful magnet?
The first one was closed for being off-topic (not for showing little effort to find a solution on Google). The second one has not been touched. I fail to see the difference.

I understand that it is problematic to give medical advice on StackExchange but that’s not the point. I could except closing the questions on those grounds.

It is my understanding that the evaluation of the effects of radiation or strong fields is part of physical research. There are questions involved regarding the penetration depth and the scattering or interaction rates when radiation travels through organic tissue. For example, we have a group at our physics department doing simulations of the absorption of radiation emitted by cell phones with different antenna designs in the human body. Those things are beyond the scope of what biology can do and there are physicists working on it so I fail to see how that just isn’t physics.

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