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Refugee Policy Crisis Simulation

Please start your research with the set of questions in the Policy Simulation Prompt and the UNHCR website.

Use the textbook index to look for specific facts about your country.

For the Refugee Policy Simulation Group Project your team will submit:

A 1500–2000 word project incorporating text (bullet points and outline mixed with text paragraphs) as well as graphs, maps, and images.

Think of it as adding some elements of mixed media or presentation to present the data on where refugees live in your country, how many people there are, what jobs they might have, what demographic characteristics, etc.

Along with the graphics, your text should be scholarly with citations to your sources and should answer all of the specific questions in the prompt.

Finally, you and partner should update your paper after the Role Play simulation to account for what happens in the game situation.

This assignment has two parts:

Part 1 is DUE ON MAY 21

Part 2 is DUE ON MAY 26

Part 1: Focus on the region around your country first: Regional Analysis

Suggestions for images: map of your country within the region, specific maps of your country showing areas where refugees live or settle

1. Where are your state’s refugees coming from? What is the cause of refugees coming to your country? Are any internally displaced persons (IDPs)?

2. Where have they settled? What kind of rights do they have?

3. What kind of border protections do you have? Are you worried about national security? How does your state’s policy on refugees seen by your neighboring states?

Part 2:Refugees Resettlement Policies and Pathways to Integration

Suggestions for images: comparing refugee cultures and language to host cultures and language, graphs of your country’s economy and possible impact of refugees

4. What concerns to have about these refugees?

5. How will your host population react? Think about your country’s culture—language, religion, values.

6. How will the refugees impact your economy and country’s resources?


Think about the needs of refugees in resettlement:


Learning the destination country’s language

Mental health

Gender specific needs of refugees

Family unity

Long term social integration

Expanding protection outside of resettlement

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