We can work on Reading Response Questions: Read Chapter 8 of the textbook before writing.

Explain these three key terms, “glass ceiling,” “glass escalator” and “sex segregation” in the case of labor market, according to the textbook. How do “glass ceiling” and “glass escalator” relate to “sex segregation”?


Describe the examples of “sex segregation” in the workplace, either specifically where you have worked, OR in popular media (Mad Men, Suits, Brooklyn 99, etc). Was there vertical and/or horizontal segregation? If there were any men or women in the sector that was dominated by the other gender (i.e. male nurse, female philosophy professor), how were they perceived by others? In that particular workplace or profession, discuss some concrete ways to challenge gender segregation (through law and policy, cultural change, etc)


Reading Response Essay Guidelines

You are required to write an essay in response to the week’s assigned readings, called “Reading Responses” (about 700-800 words, about 2 double-spaced pages). The reading responses are a place for you to 1) understand and engage the readings, and 2) apply the readings to other contexts, drawing on your own experience and creativity.

Your essay should answer the assigned questions, drawing on the relevant readings for the week. Please pay attention to the clarity of your writing, using full sentences and proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

The Reading Response will consist of two questions:

Comprehension question: ability to explain, synthesize, and discuss ideas in the reading in your own words
Application question: ability to apply the concepts and insights from the readings to other contexts (previous week’s readings, real life examples, current events, etc)



Clearly answer the two questions given. Feel free to seperate two parts: Question 1 and Question 2. This is NOT ahigh school style essay, where you need to have an introductory paragraph, three main paragraphs, and one concluding paragraph. Skip introduction and conclusion, and directly get to the point.
2. For the first “comprehension” question, it is important that you read the textbook and understand the concepts, then explain it IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Do not copy and paste from the textbook or any other website you find. Digest the information from the textbook (no outside research is necessary) and explain it as clearly and comprehensively as you can. If you are just using the textbook and paraphrasing, no citation or reference page is necessary. Since it’s important to write in your own words, I do not recommend using excessive direct quotes from the textbook or other sources, but if you have to use some short quotes (from textbook or any other sources), you need to cite it and include it in the reference page at the end. In that case, follow the ASA style here:
http:// www. utm. utoronto.ca/sociology/sites/files/sociology/public/shared/pdfs/ASA%20format%20UTM%20SOC%20department%20citation%20guide. pdf


Marking Schemes

Each reading response essay will be marked on the basis of 11 possible points: 5.5 points for comprehension (i.e., accurately presenting the answer to the question according to the reading), 5.5 points for application (i.e. insightfully and creatively applying the reading to other contexts).


You can read the textbook from the pdf files in the additional attached files section.



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