We can work on Read Instructions

– Read all instructions in the document labeled ” Module 4 Assignment and Rubrics” for all requirements to be included in this paper.

– PLEASE REVISE AND REDO, the paper in the document labeled ” Paperfeedback.”

– Fix all citation errors, fix the tense agreement, and redo the whole “Information Synthesis,” section of the paper! That section needs more focus on it, the two documents labeled, ” Module 2 Assignment” and “Module 3 Assignment,” needs to be included within this section where you make connections with the charts and the topic. Except, for the ” Module 2 Assignment,” pick a different low-incidence emotional/behavioral disorder to connect to the topic. Also, while allowing the paper sound informative, you need to add your opinions too.

– Refer to not using the word “children” so much. Yes we are focusing on children in general but we are mainly referring to students who develop emotional/behavioral disorders!

Video Links: (You are more than welcome to use these as some of your sources along with the PowerPoint I uploaded of the chapter)
– https://vimeo.com/74652921
– https://vimeo.com/74661674
– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qI1A5u2UQRk
– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYhkFxfL72w&feature=related

For any other resources use:
– It can be a scholarly journal, blog, article, etc.
– Use .org, .edu, trustworthy websites
– Refer from using too many (.com)

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