We can work on Quantitative Research Studies

Write a critical appraisal that demonstrates comprehension of two quantitative research studies. Use the
“Research Critique Guidelines – Part II” document to organize your essay. Successful completion of this
assignment requires that you provide a rationale, include examples, and reference content from the study in
your responses.
Use two quantitative, peer-reviewed research articles to complete this assignment.
In a 1,000–1,250 word essay, summarize two quantitative studies, explain the ways in which the findings might
be used in nursing practice, and address ethical considerations associated with the conduct of the study.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.
Research Critique Guidelines – Part II
Use this document to organize your essay. Successful completion of this assignment requires that you provide
a rationale, include examples, and reference content from the studies in your responses.
Quantitative Studies

  1. Summary of studies. Include problem, significance to nursing, purpose, objective, and research question.
    How do these two articles support the nurse practice issue you chose?
  2. Discuss how these two articles will be used to answer your PICOT question.
  3. Describe how the interventions and comparison groups in the articles compare to those identified in your
    PICOT question.

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