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– 7 page paper or creative project of your choosing (I just put photo collage as an example) that has a synopsis of a minimim of 4 pages, both APA format.

Instuctors Directions:

A. Research Paper: If you choose to do the research paper you are expected to write a paper that should be no less than seven pages long, excluding the title and reference page(s). You should research the topic using library resources and additional readings and references at the end of the chapters assigned. The paper must follow APA format, including citations for all references you use and submitted to turnitin.com. See the Resources section for assistance with APA. Also, see the possible topics section below for help on choosing a topic.

B. Creative Project: If you choose the creative project you should create an artistic project that illustrates a concept or topic from the course material. For example, many textbook covers include artistic renderings that illustrate the material contained in the book. Students could choose to create a painting, a sculpture, a short story, a photographic portfolio, a song, a dramatic performance, or a poem. The work will be graded on the relevance of content, its artistic form, and its overall quality. The project must not only be substantive, but also substantial. For example, if students create a poem or short story, they should be of considerable length. If they create a photographic portfolio, it should be more than a few snapshots (perhaps photos of framing quality and size). An accompanying synopsis of no less than four pages long, submitted into turnitin.com, should specify why the student chose the specific medium, the artistic choices made during its creation, and how it relates to the course material. In the latter case, knowledge and relevance of the topic must be demonstrated. Student will also present their creative project with an accompanying PowerPoint presentation (or other medium if project requires).

Possible Topics

• Cross Cultural Choose one culture and demonstrate how men’s and women’s roles are portrayed. Compare and contrast this culture to the United States.

• Gender and the Media Demonstrate the most recent research on how gender and gender roles are portrayed in the media. • The Role of Hormones in the Development of Gender Roles Demonstrate the most recent research on the role that hormones might play in the development of gender roles.

• Single-Sex Education Illustrate the most recent research that evaluates (not describes) the consequences of single-sex education.

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