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In the Chapter 7 summary, Staggers and Nelson state, “In a way all of us are already informatics nurses.” Reflect on this summary statement and describe a scenario from your clinical experience where you manipulated data, information, and knowledge to make a wise decision. Focus specifically on the key concepts of data, information, knowledge and wisdom.
What do you believe are the advantages and disadvantages of having a single shared consensus-driven model of terminology use? How can a single agreed model of terminology use (with linkages to a single terminology) help to integrate knowledge into routine clinical practice?
Hospital C is looking to implement an EHR. It has been suggested that a NIS be hired. This position does not involve direct patient care and the administration is struggling with how to justify the position. How can this position be justified?
Please submit one APA formatted paper between 1000 – 1500 words, not including the title and reference page. The assignment should have a minimum of two scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook.
McGonigle, D. & Mastrian, K. (2017). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge (4th ed.). Boston: Jones & Bartlett. (Chapters 6 and 7)

Sample Solution

“Europe is ringed – from Kalingrad in the North, to the Caucasus and Central Asia, to the Balkans – by a circular segment of threat and shakiness.” (EU Commissioner for outer relations Christopher Patten, July 2001). Does this imply right now ‘Europe’ and the European would one say one are and something very similar? Presentation: The European or EU native is right now getting to be synonymous with the meaning of the point to where the mainland of Europe broadens. This is by all accounts the case with the present response to growth and the emphasis on wrongdoing from outside the outskirts of the EU and the feelings of dread of wrongdoing from the recently coordinated nations and from those nations that ring the EU. Expansion will represent the new layered framework in the EU, the recently rose nations from post-Communist nations, which are seen as not genuinely European. Along these lines this talk will delineate how the meaning of what Europe is in the 21st Century has been limited from the breadth of the European mainland to the enrollment of the EU; whereby nations are intending to join this political unit so as to pick up authenticity inside the worldwide political and financial structure. Expansion – A Case Study of a Narrow Definition of Europe: Expansion of the EU is a blended gift, on the grounds that on one hand it is accomplishing a status of steadiness and cohesiveness all through the district. Then again, there are worries that in causing the Union bigger will in reality de-to settle the locale. This is because of preference of specific gatherings which would have free access in the district, one such gathering are the Roma Gypsy vagrants from Slovakia. In the previous couple of months the papers have shown the worries of the British open and lawmakers about these vagrants when the country joins the EU. Along these lines this presents the inquiry whether the EU truly regards the uprightness of social distinction? Different issues incorporate the conceivable de-settling of the economy by fusing littler, less wealthy nations; peripheral and war torn nations; and transitional nations. These nations could likewise cause the EU issues with respect to its one of a kind methodology of guaranteeing cohesiveness by utilizing the standard of law, supposing that the EU gets too enormous it may not be conceivable any more extended to guarantee its political and legitimate dependability. In this way the consistency and soundness that the standard of law guarantees is never again evident because of the sheer size of the Union. Another issue lies in the way that littler countries might not have the lawful, political and monetary clout to guarantee that their plan is considered. Albeit already it has been referenced that the EU’s standard of law goes about as a check and parity to all the more dominant countries, in truth the first nations in the EU were chiefly ex-provincial domains. The more current countries that are joining the EU are similar to states of a frontier control, in this manner there is a characteristic awkwardness in the Union. Anyway in light of the negative impacts of the conceivable de-adjustment of the area, one must think about that so as to join the Union every country more likely than not satisfied the Copenhagen Criteria. This basis expresses that each joining country must be: Be a steady majority rules system, regarding human rights, the standard of law, and the insurance of minorities; have a working business sector economy; embrace the basic principles, models and strategies that make up the assortment of EU law. The EU illustrates amplification, where the main result of development is valuable. In truth this is an extremely unbalanced picture in light of the open objection against the conceivable movement into the first EU states. This can be found in the article by Cathy Newman in the Financial Times: England will toss open its ways to laborers from the previous socialist nations joining the European Union on May 1, however those that won’t find a new line of work will be denied advantages and tossed out, the legislature has vowed Tony Blair – following quite a while of weight from the Tories and the conservative press over feelings of dread of an inundation of foreigners from the previous Soviet alliance – pledged: “In the event that they can’t bolster themselves, they will be put out of the nation.” This article represents the issues that have happened inside one country over the arrangement of development. Despite the fact that the augmentation should unite the European district, the popular assessment of in any event one EU country is opposing the extension, in connection to monetary transients – vagrants which the country has generally declined haven applications. Anyway these apprehensions might be unwarranted on the grounds that as Kraus and Schwager contend that expanded relocation from East to West EU nations would just happen under the dread of dismissal to Union participation. Truth be told they contend that the EU’s development will beneficially affect the economy of these littler countries and this will bring about an increase in their economies and employment showcase, subsequently lessening the measure of vagrants from East to West. The finish of their article they express that: Strategy producers who are, out of the blue, hesitant to acknowledge enormous quantities of migrants ought not feel bothered with amplification. Despite what might be expected, the possibility of joining the EU may well diminish movement. The monetary and social advantages which likely gather to Eastern Europe from promotion ought to be introduced as a way to decreasing the motivators to emigrate. Arrangements which improve combination of pay levels in eastern and Western Europe, for example, the inner market and, potentially, Structural Funds ought to be advanced. .. In this procedure, veering interests of significant EU individuals have made generous vulnerability about the date and states of promotion. It is very conceivable that such vulnerability has raised the dread among potential vagrants that promotion may fall flat or be deferred for quite a while. As per our outcome, this may have expanded quick migration. Consequently, if migration isn’t attractive, for future increase adjusts a direct and unsurprising exchange procedure is to be prescribed. Subsequently Kraus& Schwager contend that the feelings of dread of the right, which have been sustained to the general population through the media, concerning movement from the East that will de-balance out the economy, have no spot. This is on the grounds that the potential vagrants would like to remain in their country with a more grounded and developing economy instead of move to another country. Nonetheless, despite the fact that these feelings of trepidation might be unwarranted the protection from these new natives from the Eastern Europe delineates the conceivable de-adjustment of the EU politically. Notwithstanding this it causes issues legitimately on the grounds that the foundation and the uniqueness of the EU exists in the standard of law and one of the most significant laws that is maintained is the Free Movement of EU Citizens, which incorporates their capacity to exchange, live and work in part of the EU. However, the increase of the new Eastern European countries has proclaimed squares to this capacity by numerous individuals of the first and significant EU players. In the UK it has caused a discussion in light of the fact that the administration would permit a free development of potential outsiders however this has been opposed by the right, just as individuals from general society. This is shown by the contentions of Michael Howard, pioneer of the Conservative Party: Mr Howard, looking to make political capital out of Labor’s inconvenience on the issue, will blame the Government for lack of concern over the ramifications of the EU’s extension in May. This comes as the Government looked to play down feelings of trepidation that Britain would be overwhelmed by vagrants looking for work in progressively prosperous pieces of the EU. During a prominent visit to Burnley, the location of race riots in2001, Mr Howard will request that Britain duplicate the “transitional game plans” received by Germany and France to keep residents from new EU individuals from working there. Mr Howard will say: “The Conservative Party has constantly upheld the amplification of the EU to take in the previous socialist nations of Eastern Europe. We keep on doing as such.” Be that as it may, he will proceed: “Pretty much every other nation in the EU has appropriately played it safe of setting up transitional game plans to manage migration from the promotion nations. It is as yet not very late for the British Government to set up transitional courses of action too. On the off chance that we were in government, we would do as such. The Government has moved toward this issue in commonplace style. First it neglected to address it, at that point it disregarded it, presently it is professing to face ready.” In short the cohesiveness that the EU has guaranteed will happen with the development has not occurred in the normal way. As far back as expansion there have been a more prominent measure of issues fighting sorted out wrongdoing, due to diminished security, defilement of open authorities for composed wrongdoing bunches in the recently agreed countries and the breaks of human rights in captures. Consequently this makes issues for battling sorted out wrongdoing with either detainees being let off on details, the incomprehensibility of spots to conceal diminishing the adequacy of policing or the police not keen on battling composed wrongdoing. Kennedy has remarked that the EU is carried out to evenhandedly and genuinely battling sorted out wrongdoing inside the domains of human rights and equity; anyway its shortcoming is that it depends just on explicit residential part state knowledge: We are being informed that Europol and Eurojust – the new European body to fortify joint effort between equity services and indictment administrations will just follow up on explicit insight. This is to depend on the honesty of the state and its authorities [I]t additionally means depending on the knowledge of different nations and, as I have said previously, we have no clue about how this might be gathered and by what models. Equity doesn’t allow alternate ways, however governments will promptly seek after no fuss answers for issues if not>

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