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In a minimum of 300 words, using scholarly material and proper citations, please answer the following question: Discuss the several key cases in the evolution of juvenile rights and how these rights have affected the process of juveniles.
Please advised that your submission must be submitted in an APA format with in-text citations and a reference list. Your assignment submission must reflect scholarly material references (i.e. journal articles, case law, etc.) to receive full credit. If you are not familiar with APA formatting, please review the APA information in the folder under Course Information

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way. In this soliloquy, he starts off by saying he wishes his “sullied flesh would melt, Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew” (I.ii.129-130) and he is upset that God has made a law against suicide. Ever since King Hamlet has passed Hamlet finds no purpose to life anymore. Hamlet is upset that his father has been dead for barely two months and it seems like people have already forgotten about him, even though he thinks his father was far superior to King Claudius. Third, families are what form a child’s behavior into their future. Hamlet felt lost hope with life, love, and women at a young age. His thinking was that he has nothing to look forward to in life anymore. Hamlet starts to show his anger towards his mother Gertrude because even though she loved King Hamlet she remarried months after his death. Hamlet refers to his mother very harshly saying even an animal would have Patel 2 mourned their mate longer than she had. The anger continues to build because she even remarried into an incestuous marriage, which was extremely frowned upon in Elizabethan times. Additionally, this is when Hamlet starts to criticize all women be- cause of the actions of his mother. Hamlet frustration rises because he knows he can- not show his emotions out loud and he has to keep them bottled up. The soliloquy ends with Hamlet talking about his mother’s incestuous actions mentioning how no good can come from all of this. Hamlet’s famous line, “Frailty, thy name is woman” (I.ii.146) shows that Gertrude’s insensitive and unfaithful actions have com- pletely shattered his opinion of women, which negatively influences his relationship with Ophelia later in the play.>

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