We can work on Prioritization of the risk events

How might you approach the prioritization of the risk events identified by your project team and subject matter experts? How would you use the results of this prioritization effort to guide the development of risk responses?

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single core counterparts. However, it isn’t that clear cut. The speed of the processor is determined by the software it is running, not all software takes advantage of these additional cores. For example, gaming software is written by coders trying to take full advantage of the additional processing power. Whereas, office style software does not. Processor with Cache Memory: Built into some processors you will find cache memory, a small amount of high performance RAM (Random Access Memory). This cache memory stores data (not instructions) that has been used frequently by the processor. This means it doesn’t always have to go all the way to RAM or Secondary Storage to find these frequently used values (speeding up the fetching of the most regularly used data items). For video editing, games editing and any 3D/VR applications cache memory is critical. It offers a high increase to the processing of data. However, if using the system for office based programming, general browsing, etc. cache would make negligible difference to processing speed. Check for the Word Length: When referring to a CPU the word length is the number of bits the CPU can process simultaneously. The more bits, the more data your CPU can process at once. For example, a 32-bit processor runs slower than a 64>

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