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This Preventive Education Plan is designed to be completed in two parts. This assignment is the first half.
Create a health education plan for a vulnerable community population. Write with a 1-2 page paper regarding the rationale for selecting your topic and the population that you would plan to teach. Following the 1-2 page rationale, you will create a plan of the planned health education presentation for the vulnerable community group population. This is detailed below.
ONE TO TWO PAGE RATIONALE SHOULD INCLUDE: 1. Identification of the topic you plan to teach and the target vulnerable population you plan to teach. Please identify WHY this topic is important and WHY this population is targeted for teaching— support with data, statistics or information. For example, if I plan to teach a homeless population about prevention of Hepatitis B, I would clearly write about the characteristics of the homeless population as well as cite the statistics around the incidence of Hepatitis B. 2. Epidemiological Triangle for the topic to be taught. For example, if the teaching is on Hepatitis B, I would present the host, agent and environment in which the disease can occur. Please also note that the epidemiological triangle also applies to social problems. For example, if I were to be teaching about domestic violence, I can also identify the host, agent and environment in which this problem can occur. 3. Identify which of the HealthyPeople 2020 indicators apply to this topic. For example, if I were teaching about Hepatitis B, I would cite the following indicator: “I1D-15: Increase Hepatitis B vaccine coverage among high-risk populations’ and include the current data around this HP2020 indicator. 4. Lastly, based upon the population you have selected, identify the learning theory you will use and the rationale for its use. You may select a learning theory (included in

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determine irrationality of a suicide if there was no way possible of the individual knowing; it can only be judged if there was no attempt to get it from reliable sources (Battin 137-138). I think that Battin is inferring that not having the correct information could mean they are unable to participate in rational thought process. Another assumption of suicide not being rational due to this criterion is caused by internal factors, such as depression where they can unknowingly suppress certain information (Brandt, cited in Battin 1995, 138). She counters this by stating that you can still have adequate information because the future may be already negative, even with a smaller view (Battin 138-139). Therefore, from her counterargument, she is countering any claims of narrow views that the opposition would try to argue by stating that an individual’s health status does not matter. Battin states that some would claim that suicide would be irrational if one committed it because of an unlikely future, but states t>

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