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This week you are preparing to present at an important meeting where healthcare policy is going to be discussed and decided. Your role is to represent the perspective of nurses about this particular issue and to provide a presentation to the group.
First, choose a policy or agenda item related to nurses that is proposed by the American Nurses Association, state or federal government agencies or legislative bodies, a state nursing board, state nursing association, or professional nursing specialty organization (such as Oncology Nurse Association, Wound Care Nurse Association, Advanced Practice Nurse Association, or Clinical Nurse Leader Association).
Next, using professional and government websites and scholarly articles, analyze the issue thoroughly so that you have data and information to include in your presentation. What is the history of this issue? Who is affected by this issue? How will policy related to this issue affect nurses or your particular nurses association? Clearly outline the policy or issue with key points highlighted that demonstrate your understanding.
Third, research the key stakeholders who might be attending the meeting and identify them as specifically as possible. You may select one stakeholder or one group of stakeholders (decision makers) as your audience for the presentation.
Now, develop a presentation that includes the following:
Introduction: Introduce yourself, your purpose in addressing the meeting, and the perspective you are representing in your presentation.
Main Body of Presentation: Include an overview of the issue, including brief history and importance of the issue or policy. From there, select two to four key points related to the issue or policy supported by research, data, facts, and figures. Provide details and examples that help the audience understand the specifics of the policy or issue. Finally, include information about the potential implications for the issue or policy as it affects the nursing perspective you are representing.
Conclusion: End with a strong conclusion that reviews your main points and makes a clear recommendation for the action that needs to take place during the meeting or in subsequent meetings. Remember that you need to be convincing as well as professional demonstrating your thorough knowledge of the subject and of the perspective of the group you are representing.

Sample Solution

This paper will see how research educates practice. I will see youngsters and substance abuse and more established individuals and how research may educate or influence my training. Great expert practice is information based practice which frequently implies that it is practice dependent on what others have done, or look into that others have embraced. Research is a significant piece of most parts of the human administrations. In wellbeing, in instruction, and in social work research is significant advises our view regarding the world and can give a structure to managing a specific subject or case. Research has a conspicuous spot in the social administrations and it is essential to the social laborer. At the point when individuals attempt investigation into zones of social and medicinal services, at that point these discoveries and suggestions are commonly used to educate practice. In addition to the fact that research is significant in advising social work practice, it is likewise significant with regards to Government approach. Like most social laborers I have discovered some examination an important resource when managing antagonized and powerless gatherings, for example, youthful youngsters and socially barred youngsters. Some examination may have been attempted previously however its discoveries still demonstrate to be valuable today. Willis’ (1977 in Giddens 2001) utilized gathering interviews (what are some of the time called center gathering interviews) in his investigation of common laborers boyS and the manners by which the instruction framework endeavors to sets them up for the work showcase. Both individual and gathering meetings were utilized in gathering this information, and keeping in mind that the work has been censured it given, and keeps on giving helpful data about how regular workers young men convey and communicate. This sort of research is a wellspring of priceless learning to somebody working with youngsters. It gives a few experiences into why youths respond against power and why they may act the manner in which they do. Research can be a two edged sword, from one viewpoint it illuminates, and on the other it can create enduring impressions that can prompt abusive strategy making. While Government papers on youngsters set a structure for social laborers, this sort of early research is helpful when managing them in a training setting. One more important, yet some may state, dangerous, wellspring of data is Bowlby’s (1946) deal with why youngsters perpetrate wrongdoing or engage in substance misuse. While Bowlby’s work, (which focuses to maternal hardship as a reason for hazardous conduct in youngsters )has been profoundly scrutinized inside scholarly circles his thoughts still significantly affect current Government talks on youth. Absolutely numerous social specialists end up managing youths who have substance misuse issues and may feel themselves in a moral quandary when stood up to with a portion of the approaches here. One of the most exceedingly awful impacts that work, for example, this has had is the developing propensity to treat any individual who does not adjust to society’s standards as debilitated and degenerate. Government activities on medications, as a general rule, have all the earmarks of being focused at poor and common laborers networks. Further there is an inclination for these activities to connect neediness and medications in the brains of other individuals. In the event that a pre-adult originates from the less fortunate piece of town and is maybe jobless then this can prompt individuals in power feeling that he/she is bound to be viewed as a medications client regardless of whether they are definitely not. Eley (2002) keeps up that this prompts the relationship of medications and wrongdoing with the individuals who are as of now oppressed in the public arena. For social specialists this is can be an amazingly risky circumstance. Do I as a social specialist consequently accept something about a youngster who is in a tough situation, and name them as wiped out and freak, or do I hold fast to what I accept to be the situation, that everybody is of equivalent worth and in this way merits an equivalent shot. On the off chance that I am to tolerate, in my expert limit by the 1998 Human Rights Act, at that point morally, I could be compelled by a solemn obligation to disregard Government rules around there. Moore (1996) says that Government exaggerates the case on medication abuse when it alludes to sedate clients as addicts since, he contends, the vast majority of the medication utilize that happens in Britain is recreational This infers the individuals who use them are responsible for the circumstance with respect to when they ingest medications for example ends of the week, and the amount they spend. Scholars are separated on why young people consume medications in this manner it may be contended that the reason teenagers use medications are very perplexing and vary from individual to individual. This implies a social laborer should act as per the Human Rights Act when managing the issues of youngsters since that likewise infers treating each case on its individual benefits Becker (1963) has contended that youngsters are regularly seen as reprobate as a result of the manner in which society saw certain demonstrations, for example, medicate taking. Calling or naming a youngster as freak is risky in light of the fact that it can turn into an inevitable outcome. Those in power frequently take the view that youngsters, and especially oppressed youngsters are degenerate and if the mark is connected regularly enough, and by those with the ability to apply it, at that point that is the means by which the juvenile may come to see themselves. Taylor, Walton and Young (1973) in any case, say that no hypothesis is adequate except if there is additionally an examination of the power connections that exist in the public arena. Lobby (1978) keeps up that the manner by which young people are spoken to in the media hugy affects the manner by which they are seen by others. This would then be able to furtherly affect their activities. In my own proficient practice I must know about such speculations and how they advise open discernment and Government approach. I likewise must know about them in my training and this may include scrutinizing the suppositions and strategies behind certain exploration discoveries for example I am scrutinizing their speculations. Hypotheses help us in understanding the world, one clarification of hypothesis is a perception of watched regularities for instance that ladies accomplish more housework than men. Numerous things are not undeniable but rather need a clarification, in this manner Abbott and Wallace (1997) keep up that we all are scholars in light of the need to dissect and translate our common ordinary encounters so as to understand them In sociological hypothesis, a few speculations are incredibly theoretical, for instance basic hypothesis. Merton (1967 in Giddens, 2001) has called these speculations ‘great hypotheses’ since they work at a general and dynamic level, hypotheses, for example, those of Willis and Bowlby are center range hypothesis, since they are taking a gander at a part of public activity. Typically Merton (1967in Giddens 2001) keeps up it is the center range hypotheses that are bound to guide investigate. Naming hypothesis and Becker’s work, for instance is a center range way to deal with research that was created out of the humanism of aberrance. The issue is that while I as a social specialist managing a youngster with substance misuse issues may like to regard that individual as an individual, and morally I will undoubtedly do as such, Government talks take a very unique view. Medication misuse and wrongdoing as referenced before are intently related in open talks with neediness and this is apparent in ongoing approach making. When assessing exploration and research discoveries social specialists need to discover a type of structure inside which to assess the work this may be the 12 stage methodology supported by Locke or it may be something as straightforward as utilizing a substance investigation way to deal with assess what the scientist has done and choose how successful that examination might be. The Government’s report, No More Excuses (The Causes of Youth Crime) expresses that hardship and destitution are normally a contributing component in youth crime.[1] Government research recommends that while youngsters who irritate may not do it regularly, there are a couple of tenacious guilty parties who are in charge of most of youth wrongdoing new Youth Justice changes will focus on counteracting wrongdoing and on early intercession where kids and youngsters are in danger of getting to be engaged with crime.[2] Leitner et al (1993) keep up that the British open is worried about medication use, tranquilize managing, and the wrongdoing that is related with this. Pudney (2003) keeps up that on the off chance that youngsters ingest delicate medications, for example, cannabis, at that point they are bound to advance to hard medications and to crime. He likewise contends that such conduct is firmly connected with inconspicuous individual qualities and New Labor have reliably focused on medications activities at oppressed networks. Working with youngsters implies that I need to consider Government reports just as other research discoveries. In the meantime I, in the same way as other social specialists, have as Moore (2002) points out, entered social work in light of a promise to social equity, or in any event a longing to help other people and to see improvement and constructive change in individuals’ lives. A few commentators keep up that the manner by which social administrations regularly works is self-serving as opposed to serving the requirements of the customers, yet social specialists do police themselves and their calling. The manner by which they do this is to ponder what they are doing, why they are doing it, and what good ramifications this may have. Positively social hard working attitudes ought not persuade that the social work calling should serve itself, rather the necessities of the customer ought to be generally significant. One of the manners in which this is accomplished is by building up clear relationship limits from the get-go and this is essential when working with youngsters who have issues around substance abuse. The BASW needs to state about social hard working attitudes and qualities. >

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