We can work on Preparing a crisply-worded memorandum.

Choose one of the topics below and prepare a crisply-worded

Choose one of the topics below and prepare a crisply-worded memorandum.

  1. Write to your company’s insurance director requesting reimbursement for a car rental you needed after the
    company car you were using broke down. You had to rent the car for three days. Include all the necessary
  2. You are a Human Resources Manager at the headquarters of a large retail company. There have recently
    been a series of pranks in the building. Some person or persons have released two wild Canada geese in the
    main lobby, fake emails have been sent to employees, and someone recently clipped together all the paper
    clips in the offices on the 8th floor. In order to avoid further escalation, you must make it clear to all employees
    that pranks are unacceptable in the workplace. Be sure to include the details of your company’s policy,
    reassure employees, and lay out fair and reasonable consequences.
    Section II. Choose one of the topics below and prepare a well-considered business letter.
  3. You have your own catering service, and you must write to a customer approving a refund. The customer
    had complained that the beef soup he had ordered for an office party contained an abundance of potatoes and
    very little beef.
  4. Write a letter from an electronics store informing a customer that the customer will not be reimbursed for a
    malfunctioning cell phone still under warranty. Explain that the warranty does not cover damage to phones that
    were accidentally placed in the freezer overnight

Sample Solution

and there are few men involved (Mitchell 7). This is not an issue per say, but in time, the lack of a male perspective in the company about designs starts to change their target market (Grant 1). Female designers may start to only tend to female consumers, which cuts their market in half. With more men involved, more design ideas are generated within the company (Grant 2). Another element of diversity that is lacking is the diversification of people’s backgrounds. The employees are all of Finnish background. This means they all come from the same area, all speak the same language, and this can cause them to think similarly or act similarly. Diversity in a company brings success because it brings new ideas and brings different peoples experiences to the table (Simmons 5). These people do have their own story, but they lack the culture. To expand internationally, people must be more versatile in their awareness of other markets and their needs. More diversity among the types of workers can lead to breakthrough ideas for Marimekko (Simmons 5). Lastly, the lack of diversity among the roles of the employees. They all answer to Paakkanen and a few project leaders. This causes less people involved in the network chain. Yes, a closed network chain can be helpful, but it also can cause reoccurring products to be produced. Without innovation of designs, the company is destined to flatline. She needs to create and implement different levels of workers, so that more people are involved and she can start to see who would be a good fit as her successor. Right now, ultimately everyone is on the same playing field, and after a while that may cause Marimekko for fall short (Hackman 252).>

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