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Question 1:

Drawing from Bardes (Ch. 7), please describe and explain the functions and goals of lobbyists. Describe the reforms Congress passed in 1995 and 2007 as attempts to limit and regulate their influence.

Question 2:

Take at the look at the 2020 Democratic National Platform: https://democrats.org/where-we-stand/party-platform/ (Links to an external site.)

Look at the following issue planks (there is a table of contents at the beginning of the PDF document link): “Building a stronger, fairer economy” and another issue area/plank of your choice. What is the party’s official position/values on each of these two issues? Does this represent the party base and elite’s shift to the progressive “Bernie/AOC” wing of the party? Why or why not?

Here is the 2016 Republican National Platform (the RNC did not have a 2020 platform): https://prod-cdn-static.gop.com/media/documents/DRAFT_12_FINAL%5B1%5D-ben_1468872234.pdf (Links to an external site.)

Look at the “Rebuilding the Economy & Creating Jobs” plank (at the beginning of the “Restoring the American Dream” section of the platform), which includes the GOP policy on trade and taxes. Then look at another issue of your choice (again, the top of the PDF doc has a table of contents) and describe the GOP positions on both issues. Is this a turn to the Trumpist/Nationalist right? Or a preservation of establishment/mainstream conservative GOP principles?

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