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Give complete and detailed answers to any two (2) of the following questions.

  1. Please describe and explain the 1971 Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) in terms of the way in which it reformed the way federal elections are financed and regulated. Please discuss any constitutional challenges to the law. Please draw your answer from Bardes (CH. 9) and lecture notes.
  2. Please describe and explain Electoral Constituencies Theory as a possible cause of divided government from the late 1960’s through the late 1980’s. Be complete and detailed.
  3. Please explain and describe the concept of Realignment. Explain how realignment contributed to Republican Congressional majorities, beginning in the mid-1990’s. Also, please provide another example of realignment, other than the one you will have provided to explain the GOP Congressional election win. Draw your analysis from both lecture notes and Bardes (ch. 8).
  4. Please describe and explain Political Action Committees (PAC’s). How are they organized and structured, based on federal election campaign finance law? What kind of candidates are PACs likely to give their contributions to? Why? Please draw your answer and analysis from both interest group lecture notes and Bardes (ch.9)
  5. Please explain and analyze the hypothesis associated with Rational Balancing. How does it try to explain both (a) divided govt. and (b) the phenomenon of the president’s party suffering a net loss in Congressional House seats in almost every m1d t3rm election in the post-Civil War era? Also, are there any other theories that might explain these m1d t3rm election outcomes?

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