We can work on Policy analysis of prisoners rights

There is a main focus that I want to do a bit more of research as it is a big issue that not many people give attention to. We need to have a better understanding that prisoners are still human beings and that we should treat them like so. No, not like a five star rating place but where their rights are not stepped over.
              Introduction of the Problem:
What is the problem?
Identify the policy
What part of the correctional system is impacted?
Who is responsible for the problem?
Who is impacted and how?
Why is it important?
Historical/Theoretical Background
When was the policy first implemented?
Who created the policy and why?
When did the problems emerge?
Is the policy based on a criminal theory (ex: deterrence)?
Why type of justice style and/or punishment philosophy is the policy based on?
Does bias play a role? If so explain.
Answer the questions that apply to your chosen topic. Note that some of them may not make sense in the context of your topic, and that’s ok. You can just move on and include other relevant information. This section should follow ASA guidelines. I’ve included a handout on ASA style in the writing tips section. You should include a reference page with at least 3 high quality references which may be organizational reports, government websites, academic articles, news articles, etc. Use your best judgement here.

Sample Solution

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