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Police Work With Juveniles

Purpose (10 points)
The purpose of the research assignment is to demonstrate a higher level of knowledge about your topic than what can be gained from only reading the textbook.

How well does the writing accomplish the overall purpose/goals of the assignment?

Criterion (10 points)
How well does the writing seem to address the context and intended audience?
The intended audience is your peers. Write this paper in a manner that if your classmates were to read the paper, they would fully understand it.

Style/Tone (10 points)
How well does the writing meet the expectations for formality, word choice, sentence fluency, mood/feeling, voice?

Content Development (10 points)
How well does the writing demonstrate content knowledge?

Organization (10 points)
How well does the writing demonstrate a logical and intentional organization strategy?

Control of Syntax and Mechanics (10 points)
How well does the writing demonstrate careful editing/proofreading?

Disciplinary Formatting (10 points)
Is the paper written in APA style?

Overall Impact (10 points)
Assessing the paper from an holistic perspective (i.e., the total product)

Submitted on time (20 points)

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