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Below are some question that need to be answer. Some questions may have links to them that would help you. Also some questions would contain a youtube link and all you would have to do is watch it and answer the questions that correspond to it.1. Economists refer to labor as one of the factors of production. How might labor be different from the others? Is there a fixed price for a given individual’s labor? 2. Identify a union that is growing and explain why?This resources may help:BLS https://www.bls.gov/news.release/union2.nr0.htmLabourStarthttp://www.labourstart.org/news/3. Watch the youtube link below to answer the question…To what degree do workers truly have a right to strike in the United States? Identify some of the constraints imposed by law.Puzzle: What sort of workers engaged in a wave of strikes in 2018, across several states, and often illegally?Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FFw2MK0f904. Is “safety and health” an integrative issue? That is, do union and management recognize mutual advantage in safety and health investments?5. Why have worker and consumer groups opposedmandatory arbitration agreements required by employers as a condition of employment? How does this form of arbitration differ from arbitration under a union-management contract?Puzzle: What recent Supreme Court decision addressed whether employers can lawfully impose mandatory arbitration agreements with provisions precluding employees from pursuing employment claims as class actions? (North Carolina Policy Watch)https://pulse.ncpolicywatch.org/2018/06/23/high-court-ruling-deals-a-blow-to-workers-rights-class-actions-claims/6. What are the issues in the strike described above?What potential risks and benefits do the strike bring?Puzzle: What international union represents hotel workers?(unionfacts.com – anti-union website)https://bit.ly/2CTzCo7

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