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TABLE of EVIDENCEDetails must be recorded in each column correctly. 0-3 pts for each row 0- not answered when information was available 2- incomplete or incorrect 3 – information is complete and correctFull Citation: Must use 7th edition APA formatKadivar, M., Seyedfatemi, N., Akbari, N., Haghani, H., & Fayaz, M. (2017). Evaluation of the effect of narrative writing on the stress sources of the parents of preterm neonates admitted to the NICU. The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine, 30(13), 1616-1620.Type of StudyQuasi experimental studyResearch Question: (Study aim, purpose or research question(s)Assessing the impacts of narrative writing on parents of preterm neonates in the NICU.Setting/Site where the research was conducted –country, hospital?Two hospitals associated with Tehran University of Medical Sciences.Sample #, characteristics, inclusion & exclusion criteriaThe study sample was 74 women with children admitted to the NICU. Inclusion criteria- singleton pregnancy, age between 18 and 45, no other children with a history of NICU admission, minimum of junior high school education, no drug history, and lack of stressful events in the past few months. Exclusion criteria- neonates were in surgery, babies were admitted for less than 10 days, and mothers who were unwilling to participate.Methods describe how the study was doneThe participants were divided into a control and intervention group. The intervention group participated in narrative writing for at least three times up to the tenth day. The control received routine care.Variables/ Measures: Identify major IV(s), DV(s)& key operational definitions (describe how variables were measured and include name of tools used)Independent variable- narrative writing. Involves expressing of  feelings during stressful events through writing. Dependent variables- postpartum stress. Measures were stress measured through the Parental Stressor Scale for NICU.Results and Level of Significance:  The results showed that narrative writing had significant effects in reduction of maternal stress (P=0.001) compared to the control group.Level of Evidence:Level IIYour Critique: Limitations (strengths & weaknesses of the study)Strengths- The participants were blinded to the study therefore limiting bias. Limitations- The length of study was short910days) therefore not indicating the implementation of the results in longer periods. Suggestions for Further StudyFurther studies should be conducted to test the applicability of these results in clinical settings. Score =    /33

                                                                                                TOE Score (3 studies) =    /99 

Please submit 3 tables (1 for each study you evaluate)

PICO – 1 pt for a correctly written PICO                                                         PICO Question =   /1

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Late Submission – 2 point deduction for each day late


Total Score =   /100     

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