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You are a procurement agent in an organization of your choice (can be where you work, or a business that you perhaps are knowledgeable of). You have responsibility in purchasing an item (can be physical product or service) that is vital to the success of the organization/business. For your scenario:

(1)    Identify the item or service that is critical, including details about who supplies it and where it is sourced from;

(2)    Select any risk in the supply chain (supplier and/or business risks) that threaten the supply of the critical item;

(3)    Identify your suggested strategies in mitigating or preventing the risk identified in (2).

Explain how the strategies in (3) will reduce the risks noted in (2), as well as who within and/or outside of the organization needs to be a part of the strategy. Use references within and outside the lecture to support your approach.

To respond to postings, consider:

given the facts presented, identify an additional risk and related strategy for a classmate’s scenario,
compare and contrast two or more scenarios with a possible explanation for the differences and/or similarities, or
relate an example with which you’re familiar that is relevant to a classmate’s posting. Explain the relevance.

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