We can work on Park U We Cant Build Our Social System Around Marriage Anymore Discussion – Assignment Help


  • Critique cultural, social, and historical influences on the family. (CLO2)
  • Apply structural-functionalism to family (CLO1)
  • Apply knowledge to everyday lives and their own lives (CLO6)


  1. Choose an article on the topic this week that was not assigned in the Ferguson readings/discussion.
  2. Write an analysis of at least 500 words minimum of the issues presented in the article and apply one of the family theories to the article.
  3. Apply at least 3 terms/concepts learned this week in your paper.
  4. Concepts for the week can be found at the end of the chapters in the supplemental readings in the free online Hammond, Cheney and Pearsey text.
  5. Please underline or bold the 3 terms and the theory in your paper.
  6. The topic of your paper must be on one of the readings in the Ferguson text not assigned in the discussion.

Ferguson readings to choose from:

  • “Feminist Rethinking from Racial-Ethnic Families”
  • “We Can’t Build our Social System Around Marriage Anymore”
  • “Fictive Kin, Paper Sons, and Compadrazgao: Women of Color and the Struggle for Family Survival”
  • “The Politics of Theorizing African American Families: Old Debates, New Directions”
  • “Immigrant Families and the Shifting Color Line in the US”
  • “Multigenerational Punishment: Shared Experiences of Undocumented Immigration Status within Mixed-Status Families”

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