We can work on Optical Illusions and Metamorphic Art

Part 1 – Written Research Paper – Write a 5-7 page paper discussing the origin of the movement, and the
motivations/contextual influences generating and influencing this art movement/era. Discuss the specific
defining styles, aesthetic, and elements of this artistic movement/era and discuss how they are present in your
selected artist’s work. (Note: the movement/era may also have specific subject matter, motifs, and iconography
associated with its products – if so, these should be discussed as well.) Minimum of 2 scholarly sources, plus
the textbook.
Part 2 – Art Production – Create your own work of art in the style of the movement you selected. Consider
composition, medium, design elements, and create your own work of art using the methods and aesthetic of
the movement you selected.
Part 3 – Write a one-page Reflection Paper (include this at the end of your Part 1 Write-up – this counts toward
the 5-7 page requirement) explaining your work of art, why you choose this movement, how you designed and
planned your work, and what you learned through this project.

Sample Solution

he two main issues at hand are quite contrary to one another, but they ultimately come down to Paakkanen’s work style and how she runs Marimekko. While Paakkanen has generated extreme success with her persistence as a control quadrant leader and her clear objectives for the company, she’s at a fork in the road. She must choose between staying with Marimekko and expanding the company internationally or starting to train a successor to take over her management role in the company so she can retire (Mitchell 11). Kirsti is dependable and reliable, a perfect control quadrant leader. But due to her micromanaging she doesn’t necessarily teach her workers. She informs her workers of what they’re supposed to do and is helpful (CVA). But, no one knows how to run the company or organize the different aspects of the product making like Paakkanen due to her lack of hands-on training of her employees. So, at this point in her career, she does not have a successor, who she would be comfortable leaving the company with, so she feels that she should not retire (Mitchell 11). This is completely fine since she has worked so hard to optimize the company and wants to continue to do so, but if something were to happen to her, she has no one to fill her shoes due to her control personality. On the other hand, if she chooses to stay and expand, she faces a few challenges. The company has a strong sense of their Finnish brand image, which could potentially be lost by expanding internationally. Plus, Paakkanen would not have as much control over the branche>

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