We can work on Operational research

It is important to note that the overall project should be done with AIMMS. The file that I have given should not be completely answered. The focus should only be on:

(mandatory) estimate correctly the processing capabilities of the different machines based on historical data.

  • (mandatory) without transportation of raw material, propose a production plan for each facility, and compute how much time is necessary for each plant to complete its production plan.
  • (optional) try to improve the solution by initial transportation of raw materials.
  • (optional) try to improve the solution regarding costs.
  • (optional) take variability into account: evaluate the probability of meeting customer demand on time based on the historical distribution of processing rates.

It is important to note that the process of the work should really be simplified. Creating for example constraints for one specific site, taking assumption, For example, an important question is which flavor are you going to produce where? The excel files of the different phases will be sent after acceptance

Sample Solution

s IDPs and Refugees : 1. To give high caliber, incorporated wellbeing administrations that can react to the developing needs of a changing demography and the study of disease transmission, extension of foundation limit in essential, optional and tertiary consideration in affected zones, that include: – Delivery of compelling mediations and projects for the control and anticipation of non-transmittable illnesses – Continuous limit advancement for human services suppliers on RH, GBV, Minimal Initial Standards Packages (MISP) and Clinical administration of Rape (CMR). – Delivery of basic conceptive wellbeing, infant, maternal and youngster and juvenile wellbeing and sustenance administrations, including baby and small kid encouraging, micronutrients inadequacy control, routine vaccination, and family intending to satisfy expanded need for administrations – Improved limit of crisis and triage administrations remembering for outskirt regions to react to prompt wellbeing needs of fresh debuts incorporating those with wounds, NCDs, pregnant ladies and other explicit needs. – Improve ability to get to psychological wellness and psychosocial administrations at both essential and auxiliary level. 2. Bolster the conveyance of fundamental auxiliary and tertiary consideration for Syrians not secured, including crisis obstetrics and neonatal consideration; post-employable, gaining strength and reconstructive consideration and recovery for war-injured; intense and serious emotional wellness conditions; malignancies, and palliative consideration including psychosocial support, symptomatic help and torment the board>

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