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The objective of the research paper is to demonstrate that the student can master the
research process.

The paper will have a maximum extension of 10 pages double space
(font size 12) including references and graphs. The paper must follow the outline

The paper must include at minimum 10 references.

I. Introduction: What your topic is about, research question, hypothesis, the
importance, and how the report is being organized. Objectives of your
research, etc. (1 pages)

II. Literature review: The relevance of the topic based on your review of the
literature and theory. (3 pages)

III. Description of your research strategy: (1 pages)
• The population and time frame of the study
• Research design follow
• Data gathering and strategy

IV. Research findings (Data analysis) (3 pages)
• Communicating your results based on the following: A narrative supported by
facts such as:
o Graphics
o Frequencies
o Descriptive statistics
o Relationships
o Cross-tabulations

V. Conclusions (1 page)
• How do your findings fit in the broader picture of the subject?
• Did your findings support or reject some hypotheses or approaches that you
identified during the literature review?

VI. References (1 page)
• Follow some standard format (APA format)
• Organized in alphabetical order

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