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1) What differentiates Biel‘s approach from traditional market research? (appr. 450 words)
2) What are your biggest concerns about Biel‘s approach? (appr. 550 words)
3) How can internet-based research be integrated into traditional product development? (appr. 650 words)
4) Please prepare a board proposal that Dr. Biel would make to his colleagues about the merits of his project and his belief that Nivea should invest in developing an anti-staining deodorant. Please make sure that you include evidence to support your argumentation and anticipate potential concerns his colleagues may have? (appr. 800 words)

Sample Solution

mirror one of a kind elements of the irrigation machine; for example, alberca-al-birka means a pool and acequia-al-saqiya way an irrigation ditch. nowadays some plant life bear the Arabic names, such asbellota-balluta for acorn, alazor-al-asfur for safflower and al-fasfasa foralfalfa. other phrases mirror the impact of the Muslims on farming: tahona-tahuna (flour-mill), aldea-al-day’s (village), and rabadan-rabb al-da’n (head-shepherd). as the Muslims had been enthusiastic about nature, they utilised their artistic capabilities to create first-rate gardens and buildings that have attracted attention of humans till these days (Blair & Bloom, 1994). Such uncommon locations as the Alhambra of Granda, the Mosque of Cordoba and the Alcazar of Seville are the visual legacy of the Muslims in Spain (Barrucand & Bednorz,1992; Ettinghausen & Grabar, 1987). those incredible architectural homes sincerely screen the Muslims’ improvements inside the fields of architectural design and fashion(King, 1978; Grabar, 1978; Rodriguez, 1992). sadly, nearly all Islamic architectural monuments were destroyed at the quit of the 15th century; most effective the Alhambra remained undamaged (Fletcher, 1987). Many famous writers and artists depicted the Alhambra in their works (Ching, 1979). for instance, Washington Irving created tales of the Alhambra when he visited this location in Spain. no matter the destruction of many Islamic buildings (Barrucand & Bednorz, 1992), a brand new Islamic mosque for Spanish Muslims hasbeen recently built in Granada because of Islam renewal in 1989. The Muslims are able to pray inside the mosque and acquire education in such sciences as medication and regulation. nowadays the range of the Muslims in Spain processes to onemillion individuals who strongly defend their rights and their religion. some Spanish Muslims continue to live in the Albaican area in Granada, wherein the Muslims lived in the 10-15 centuries. however, the tensions among Spanish Muslims and Spanish Christians are as a substitute complicated, although Spanish government realises that it’s far critical to enhance the members of the family among these two non secular organizations. Analysing the effect of the Islamic invasion on the records of Spain, the essay shows that the Muslims extensively affected such areas of Spanish lifestyles as economics, tradition, technology, structure, art and faith. They managed to improve the us of a’s agriculture and production, contributing to its prosperity and wealth; they carried out many superior structures primarily based on scientific findings, particularly Arabic quantity machine of calculation, the illumination system and the irrigation technique. The Muslims transferred their information in medicine, algebra, chemistry, astronomy, architecture, art, nature and generation to Spanish individuals who further imparted those precious information to other european countries. as a consequence, the Islamic invasion on Spain paved the way for the duration of Renaissance in Europe; as Ghazanfar (2004) places it, Muslims no longer best occupied Spain however planted the roots of Europe>

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