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This is the classmates post below, I just need a response without plagiarizing. Also if I can get a APA cited resource. NO essay

Pamela Harris
RE: Week 3 | Discussion

Format is critical to connect with an audience. In my previous employment, I was responsible for training required through health care mandates and organizational commitments. This included, but was not limited to, new hires, continuing education, contracted employees, and corporate goals through the Balanced Scorecard method. The process to deliver the various types of training was tedious because we had to comply with Federal and State regulations, as well as CEU requirements to ensure our healthcare providers were legally allowed to practice. The audience changed with each training class which required the format to change to adapt to my delivery so the information I was delivering could be clearly understood and applied to their job responsibilities.
I recently purchased a 2018 travel trailer from a respected RV dealership. Unfortunately, I had some issues with electricity and the propane gas that caused the air conditioner, heater, water heater, and refrigerator not operate properly. The last thing anyone wants to do is return a brand-new travel trailer for repair. For the repairs to be done I had to make an appointment with the service department, I had to leave a message, several, before I finally secured an appointment. I was told it would be three weeks before they could even look at the trailer and then at least, another three weeks to repair and return. Reluctantly, I had no choice, so I dropped it off and prepared for a minimum of six week turn around. I received a voice message from the dealership asking me to contact them after two days of the waiting process. The message was very short and sounded like another problem was about to be delivered, I braced myself when I returned the phone call. I held my breath as I was told, they had someone look at my camper already, the parts were on order and it would be ready by the end of the week. I was expecting more bad news based on my previous experience, then the tone of the voice and the way the message was left made me think another problem not a solution.
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