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How can leaders at any level of government develop, enhance, and sustain a risk-informed citizenry? Are we sure it is effective or even necessary in the
United States? You can approach this with a broad perspective considering HLS at all levels or from the perspective of the federal government, state
government, or local political jurisdiction.
The National Protection Framework in its 2014 version already established three principles which guide the development and support the execution and
deployment of Protection core capabilities. One of these principles is “risk-informed culture.” The Framework states that, “A risk-informed culture supports
Protection capabilities and requires vigilance and situational awareness through a comprehensive understanding of current, evolving, and emerging threats
and hazards, as well as the relative risk they pose. Information sharing and risk-informed decision making through sharing appropriate, accessible, culturally
and linguistically appropriate, and timely information [is necessary] to allow for the ongoing analysis of risks and assessment of effective practices” (p. 4).

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