We can work on Motor Control

Make the report to compare between the three type of motors (Shunt, Series, and Compound). *You should include the diagram for each motor with a brief explanation. *Then, compare between the speed regulation, starting current, starting torque, efficiency, and the Torque VS speed graph. **The calculation should be shown in detail. ***Also, you should give an example for a real life application for each motor with your comment on why it is been used.

*We have 3 motors so, 3 Diagrams must be included.
**Most important point… Calculations should be as clear as possible.
***This application should be well known in this field.

This is a general idea of the whole report… let’s go to details
First, no need for a cover page
900 word count, if possible, word count starts at the introduction and stops at the end of the conclusion.

Table of contents, and references page do not count
Which means we need Table of contents, I’ll send its clarification as an attached file.

First start with writing the objective, then the introduction. Until the conclusion.
At least 8 sources and references.

I need at least 4 visuals other than the 3 about the 3 types of motors so minimum total 7 visuals with an explanation for each of them.

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