We can work on Microfabrication

The project is one of the major components of this course. The goal is to write a
research proposal, and research progress and report. You will first work in teams to
develop pre-proposal (2 pages long, see the guidelines at the end of the instructions)
study and choose a topic and then develop a research proposal. The projects may
address technologies, devices, application systems, or the constraints imposed by one
upon another; however the projects MUST contain MEMS or microsystem devices
( various micro sensors, micro actuators etc.) or flexible electronics, with most
desired applications in biomedical and/or health areas. You are more than welcome
to come up with your own topic, as long as it satisfies the stated following criteria; i) the
project must be RELEVANT to micro-manufacturing, microelectromechanical systems,
flexible electronics research and development; ii) you are STRONGLY encouraged to
come up with your own design and manufacturing approaches rather than compiling
technologies introduced in the past literature, iii) you are more than welcome to suggest
CREATIVE/INNOVATIVE ideas. You dont need to prove your ideas, it is often very
difficult to prove your creative/innovative ideas. However, you need to provide
supporting materials to make your statements viable; iv) you must provide
FABRICATION PROCESS FLOW. You cannot simply assume to have a MEMS or
microsystem device already published and build an assembly for this project. It is not
acceptable to pursue non-technical aspects as a MAJOR thrust in the proposal such as
market analysis, intellectual property, small business supports, etc. The purpose of the
course project is to explore technical aspects based upon what you learn from the class.
Each teams ideally should be composed of 4 students (We would have 12 teams;
total enrollment: 48). The grade for each student will depend upon a number of things,
including the quality of project (presentations, term papers), the level of participation in
the panel discussion, and the insight shown in the individual written review.
The presentations will take place on for about 3 lecture slots (about 4.5 hours),
which is tentatively scheduled on April 29th. We will have 1 week for the presentation
preparation right before the presentation. Groups should have their slides in (ppt form)
to me by 5 pm the previous day (i.e. April 28th) via email. The final presentations should
be 15 minutes max plus 5 minutes for Q&A. The total number of slides is best limited to
25. The presentation should include: (a) background and motivation; (b) abundant
literature study and process flow of major components in the devices; (c) brief
description about your proposed innovative idea; (d) a summary of the goals, (e)
proposed designs, manufacturing steps to realize the proposed work and/or any
calculation, analysis to support and/or justify your work, (f) noteworthy discoveries. After
each presentation, students will be required to submit (in class) an assessment of the
presentations and the proposed projects, along with a rating (Poor, Fair, Good, Very
good, Excellent). The attendance of the presentation and peer-review are required.

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