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MGMT 4020

Posted on April 15, 2019 Updated on April 15, 2019

What does a company’s strategy consist of?
What is key to strategy success?
Strategies have a better chance of succeeding when ______ happen.
A company achieves a competitive advantage when it _______?
Difference between focused differentiation, best cost provider, low cost, focused low cost
Which of the following companies will have the least bargaining powers with its buyers?
Which of the following is most likely to use a low cost provider strategy?
When should managers be willing to manage and modify strategy?
Strategic outline
Which of the following is a integral part of managerial process of crafting and executing a strategy?
What does a company’s strategic vision consists of?
What are the most important benefits of well-conceived and well-stated strategic vision?
Which of the following questions should not something a manager consider when setting a strategic direction?
What is the most important benefit of engaging and convincing strategic vision?
What is strategic intent?
What is a balanced scorecard?
Which is following is not a major question to ask when thinking strategically about a industry in a given strategic direction?
What is the most powerful tool for diagnosing the principle competitive pressures in a market? (five forces model)
What is the the five forces model used for?
Most important consideration when analyzing your competitive position
Entry barriers (five forces model)
Competitive pressures associated with threat and entry are greater than all of the following situations except…
What is a substitute product?
Supplier bargaining power
Five forces model

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