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Briefly discuss the public health problem, including epidemiological patterns, trends, and populations affected. Is this a population or individual health problem? B. Analyze the social determinants of health- and social justice-related disparities that impact the distribution of this problem in a community or target population. C. Briefly discuss your program proposal’s objectives and its logic model for planning. Would your program proposal focus on prevention or treatment? D. Conduct an assessment of a need in your community, ensuring the inclusion of a description of the community and how this proposed program may improve the health, safety. and quality of life for people in their communities. Be sure to specify the ecological framework for health problems within the community. Note that you will not conduct a full community needs assessment; rather, you will identify a need through a preliminary review of local newspapers or other relevant sources. From there, you will research what is out there, what is missing. what others have done to solve the problem, and so on. E. Based on your program proposal’s objectives and your assessment of the need in the community, evaluate project methods such as study/intervention design and statistical issues related to sampling, measurement, and analysis for their strengths and weaknesses in addressing the public health problem you have identified.

Sample Solution

Social prohibition is a term utilized in an assortment of ways however is by and large observed to allude to those individuals who for some reason are not completely incorporated into the public activity of a network. The explanations behind social avoidance are associated, and are neediness, joblessness, and an absence of training. These are not just reasons in any case, where an individual lives, their ethnicity, sexual introduction, or inabilities are likewise reasons why they may be viewed as barred. Government perceives that they can’t handle social prohibition except if they embrace a methodology that manages every one of these issues together (ODPM, 2004). In any case, much Government talk will in general make little qualification between the socially rejected and an underclass in light of the fact that a considerable lot of its records allude to single parent families, against social conduct and youth wrongdoing. This isn’t right since individuals can be socially barred without being a piece of a sub-culture or underclass, if a wonder such as this exists. Social prohibition is a procedure that prevents individuals from completely taking an interest in the public eye (Giddens, 2001) while the idea of an underclass infers that a few people quit society. End In spite of the fact that there are times where Murray exhibits a persuading contention, it isn’t persuading enough to have the capacity to state that there truly is an underclass in Britain. An excessive number of various powers could represent the expansion in the quantity of individuals on advantages, not least a contracting work advertise which Murray won’t recognize, despite the fact that numerous scholar will concur this is a worldwide marvel. A few points that he makes could put individuals in the class of socially rejected, yet as this paper has endeavored to set up that isn’t a similar thing just like an individual from an underclass. It is absolutely the situation that a few gatherings of individuals are much less lucky than others. Many single guardians are compelled to depend on advantages provided that they get down to business they will be much more dreadful off. The expenses of childcare are cosmic. In end I would state that the proof does not bolster Murray’s hypothesis of an underclass. It tends to propose that we live in a general public where the hole among rich and poor gets more extensive consistently. This thusly implies individuals are rejected from full social interest for example numerous guardians can’t manage the cost of for their kids to go on school trips. Individuals who live in more unfortunate zones go to the most exceedingly awful schools thus avoidance turns into an endless loop, yet that isn’t a similar thing as saying an underclass is creating in Britain.>

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