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Medical terminology

Threaded question 6

Describe the anatomical structures of the ear, then discuss common conditions where the structure plays a part in the diagnosis.

Antatomy and Physioloy

Threaded question 6

In your own words , describe three functions of the muscular system and three characteristic properties of muscular tissue. Choose one muscular action (examples: abductor, flexor, rotator) and describe movement of this action. Give (3) examples of movement (or day to day skills) by this muscular action. Try to choose a muscular action that has not been discussed by other students.

Medical office management 1

Threaded question 1

Review the purpose of the AAMA. Using the AAMAs Creed and AAMAs Code of Ethics, create your own Creed as a medical assistant. You should at least 8 principles. Review one of your peers creed and offer constructive feedback.

Threaded question 3

Compare the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to other common practices in a medical office.

Threaded question 5

How does the law of agency make it possible for a patient to sue both the medical assistant and the physician for an act of negligence committed by the medical assistant?

Threaded question 6

Discuss how the computer is valuable for many administrative functions and how it may also be a risk in terms of patient privacy and HIPAA compliance. Describe some special computer safeguards that protect the patient’s privacy.

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