We can work on McDonald’s – The Coffee Spill Heard ‘Round the World


McDonald’s – The Coffee Spill Heard ‘Round the World


The coffee spill lawsuit against McDonald’s launched a host of other lawsuits against the same company.  What are McDonald’s social responsibilities towards consumers and consumer’s responsibilities towards McDonalds?  In an essay, using APA style, address the following points: Length 2 full pages, excluding reference, abstract and title page:


• Evaluate the coffee spill lawsuit.• Determine what type of actions the company could make to meet ethical obligations.• What are the arguments supporting McDonald’s position in the Liebeck case?  What are the arguments supporting Liebeck’s position?• If you had been a juror in the Liebeck case which position would you most likely have supported?   Why?  What if you had been a juror in the pickle burn case (you must do additional research to find out information about the pickle burn case)?• Do we now live in a society where businesses are responsible for customers’ accidents or carelessness in using products?

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