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Resources: Lifting and Material HandlingDB2: Manual Materials HandlingDiscuss a manual materials handling incident – who was involved (don’t name names), what were they doing, what type of injury resulted, and what do you think the costs were of the incident – in terms of lost time, medical costs, physical pain, A2: Manual Materials Handling SituationsAttached Files: Manual Materials Handling Situations.docx (557.859 KB)Consider the following Manual Materials Handling Situations. In the second column list possible solutions that would reduce the risk of injury for each of the situations listed. Remember there could be more than one solution to the situation.Utilize the attached worksheet, fill in the chart provided, and upload to this assignment link.Manual Handling SituationsPossible Solutions to reduce the risk of injury:When standing lifting an object over 30lbs…When seated lifting an object over 10lbs…When handling an object it is held over head…When lifting several object from the floor to above the shoulders …When handling objects that require arms to be fully extended …When objects handled are not easy to handle, balanced, or stable…When an object does not have a handle or grip point…When floor surfaces are slippery or uneven…A3: Materials Handling Assessment ChecklistsManual Task: Moving Cartons/Boxes by Hand TruckPrint shop employees must move 5 cases of printer paper from the warehouse, to the receptionist office on the first floor of the main building each week. The two buildings are approximately 50 yards apart. There are no stairs to navigate, only a concrete ramp out of the warehouse, and a concrete ramp into the main building. The main building and the warehouse have concrete floors.Manual Task: Moving Cartons/Boxes by HandPrint shop employees must move 5 cases of printer paper by hand into the storage closet each week. Each of your lists should consider pre-task considerations, lifting and moving techniques, control measures, mitigation measures, etc. Include references to any OSHA regulations used to validate your assessments.

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