We can work on Map of Economic Activity in Brazil

Create a map showing the land use and economic activity in Brazil.

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rs. Jones, the Vice President of Cultural and Social Integrations, is a Social Entrepreneur, Creative Facilitator, Dance Instructor, Social Worker, and ESL and Spanish Instructor. She is experienced in international social work and finds passion in creating vibrant environments where people feel comfortable and free to express themselves. She is especially adept at relationship building and finding links between people and their communities. A Central American/Canadian bicultural, she understands and has experienced the cultural difficulties that can arise when people are immersed in cultures different then their own. Outline of Research Methodology To help identify successful recommendations for the founders of Global Riplz and for the international development community research was conducted with the intent to answer the following question: are economic incubators more or less effective than microfinance institutions at addressing poverty through job creation? Additionally, research was conducted to provide concrete recommendations as to the strategic entry method of Global Riplz in Latin America. The analysis of the research data is to be conducted separately in two stages comprised of; stage one, a detailed literature review and discussion of microfinance institutions versus business incubators and stage two, the strategic business plan. The research methodology of this GMP consisted of only secondary research which was drawn from both academic and non-academic sources. These sources outline the separate methodologies which are used for economic development and job creation that are highlighted in this report. The research was also used to define the business plan and entry strategy for Global Riplz including evaluating the external environment and the study abroad industry and defining the company’s internal environment through the development of a targeted marketing plan. The research was aimed to test the founder’s assumptions of how to most effectively go about international economic development and launch a successful international business. The topics for the secondary research were derived from the assumptions of the founders and comprise all of the necessary components for strategic entry of a company in Latin America. It is important to understand the background of the work conducted by the international community as it pertains to economic development and the resulting effects of that same work in Latin America. As it pertains to the microfinance institutions and incubators for economic development, the research answered three questions; what are they, how are they supposed to operate including their intended results and what are the ac>

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