We can work on Many ethical dilemmas for social workers are related to family dynamics

Many ethical dilemmas for social workers are related to family dynamics. Social workers are frequently hired by the court system to help adjudicate challenging cases regarding custody of children in divorce proceedings, but they are also called in to testify about the mental health of one or both of the defendants in a case in family court.
The attached video demonstrates how adults and children can become negatively affected by parental alienation; the result of psychological manipulation of child/children in demonstrating fear, animus, or disrespect for another parent or family member.
All students will have viewed the encrypted video regarding a case of parental alienation. Please use this case as the basis of your analysis as a social worker who has been hired to provide expert testimony on behalf of the mother and why she should not go to jail. This presents an ethical dilemma for you as a practitioner as you know the mother to be bi-polar, but you also place value on the health, protection and well-being of children and the sanctity of family.
Describe the ethical dilemma and the state clearly the two professional values in conflict.
What are the principles, according to Beauchamp & Childress, that would be applicable?
Utilizing either Beauchamp & Childress’ or Mattison’s model of ethical justification, how do you separate the practice considerations from the ethical components?
Please use an informed decision as to the theoretical framework you would apply to this case? Deontological or Utilitarian?

Sample Solution

intellectual balance might be maximum susceptible to the criticisms of the e-book’s characters and the readers as we query whether she should be relied on. The readers additionally may additionally draw the conclusion that the governess is delusional for being so adamant on the existence of the ghosts despite the proof suggesting otherwise. another significance of this quotation is that it is one of the few times that the governess is able to overcome her captivation with the kids’s charms and notice how their personalities certainly are inside: darker, manipulative, and extra not unusual. “‘Peter Quint–you satan!’…they may be in my ears nevertheless, his preferrred surrender of the call and his tribute to my devotion. ‘What does he be counted now, my very own?’…I held him–it is able to be imagined with what a passion; but on the stop of a minute I started out to feel what it absolutely became that I held. We have been by myself with the quiet day, and his little heart, dispossessed, had stopped.” (James 86-87) The entire section of the e-book wherein the quote was derived from screams “ambiguous”. on the surface level, the quote is memorable because there’s an abrupt and incohesive series of events, which prompts the literary tool of situational irony. Miles’ demise was never predicted or expected to have occurred. The quote summarizes a habitual paranoiac trouble that the governess faces for the duration of the entire novel and offers an unprecedented, yet fitting, impact because of the ones very issues. The quote enhances the meaning by way of shadowing all the characters (Miles) underneath the governess’ mild, wrapping the complete plot and narration round her mind and corrupted mentality. discover quotations that illustrate the author’s skill in setting up mood/tone, imagery, symbolism, and characterization. “[T]hese 3 words from her have been in a flash like the glitter of a drawn blade the jostle of the cup that my hand for weeks and weeks had held excessive and complete to the brim and that now, even earlier than talking, I felt overflow in deluge” (James 196). This scene of the unconventional become when the governess had come to the painful attention that flowers had effectively distracted her away from Miles. The citation utilizes an extended simile and shiny imagery to attraction to the reader’s senses and feelings. by means of comparing the stunning impact of vegetation’s phrases on the governess to a blade that reasons a cup to overflow, a medieval and noble cause is related to the situation. As a end result, the general temper and tone are dramatic and forlorn, permitting the readers to experience the emotion of overwhelming defeat and helplessness. “The limit of this evil time had arrived best whilst, on the sunrise of a iciness’s morning, Peter Quint was>

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