We can work on Management’s Role In Quality Assurance

Deliverable Length:  600–1,200 words of new content and 3,000–6000 words (10–20 pages) total


Add the following sections to you Quality Management Integration Plan:


Role of Management in Quality Assurance


Who are the stakeholders for your project, and what will their involvement be in the use of quality processes, tools, and techniques?


What training will be or is provided to employees by management to support the use of quality processes?


Quality Performance Communication Plan


Define and include the types of reports that will be part of the overall communications plan.


Describe who will be involved in and how often communications will occur for quality assurance activities.


Identify the final closure process on resolved quality assurance issues.


Update the Key Assignment title page with te new date and the Table of Contents with the new page numbers and document name.

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