We can work on Legislative Modified Assignment – Covid-19

Select a city, county, state(TEXAS) or national legislator and review what actions they have taken in their roles to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. Review

their stances, legislative proposal, communications and voting records on the issue.

Instructions: Write a 2page report in APA format and integrating class readings and content.

The report must:

• Identify the legislator (name, political affiliation, district, county, region or state they represent)

• How is the legislator’s community been affected by Covid-19?

• What actions has the legislator taken? Actions proposed? legislation? Voting?

• Have there been any communication from the legislator regarding this issue?

• How is the legislator’s constituency reacting to their actions?

• From a social worker perspective, what did you learn?

• Based on what you learned, did you identify any implication to Hispanics/Latino community? To others?

Sample Solution

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