We can work on Lee Boyd Malvo

After gaining some knowledge about this case in a
1-2-page word document please address the following questions.
I suggest you also research the case to gain more knowledge about the case.

  1. Write A 200 Word Summary of the Case
  2. How do you think his case would have been handled from a historical point of view? The same or worst. Please EXPLAIN.
  3. Do you think a juvenile can be brainwashed to commit a crime similar in nature? IN YOUR OPINION, is that a valid legal defense?
  4. Finally, do you agree with the 2017 Supreme Court ruling? Why or why not?

Sample Solution

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new memories or the retrieval of old memories. We can see this in various people who have become subjects of case studies to understand their conditions. Some of the few case study subjects include the famous Henry Molaison also known as H.M., N.A, and even R.B.. Although amnesia affects each patient differently, they do share some similar characteristics in that they all suffer from some form of Anterograde Amnesia with varying degrees of Retrograde Amnesia (Siegert and Warrington, 1996). The effects of amnesia can also be seen in various films throughout history and even in present times, but they do not always get it right. Amnesia has been depicted in many Hollywood Blockbuster films like Memento, Bourne Identity, 50 First Dates, and so on. One movie in particular, Before I Go To Sleep, is a more recent film that depicts a 40-year-old woman suffering from Anterograde Amnesia in which she tries to piece together the pieces of her life. In the case of Christine Lucas, the main character of the film, Anterograde Amnesia is the central focus. Memory Phenomenon The first thing to remember in understanding amnesia is that it is important to explore the different aspects encompassed in this topic. Amnesia can either be categorized as having an anterograde nature or a retrograde nature (Siegert and Warrington, 1996). The onset of the condition can even be categorized as either psychogenic or organic (Serra, Fadda, Buccione, Caltagirone, and Carlesimo, 2007). No matter what the case may be, amnesia seems to affect each patient in varying ways. Anterograde Amnesia with varying degrees of Retrograde Amnesia, in the organic onset sense, tends to be the most common case out there (Siegert and Warrington, 1996). Now, although there may be little evidence of psychogenic anterograde amnesia, psychogenic retrograde amnesia, or organic retrograde amnesia with preserved anterograde amnesia that is not to say that it does not occur. With this in mind, it is important to dive into the differences between Anterograde Amnesia and Retrograde Amnesia. It has been accepted that the more severe one is, the more severe the other, although some say that Anterograde Amnesia and Retrograde Amnesia can be dissociable (Siegert and Warrington, 1996). Anterograde Amnesia mainly refers to the idea that any event that occurs after a brain injury or a>

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