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In addition to teacher leadership positions, school administrators also identify non-teacher leadership positions in different areas of a school. School administrators need to establish criteria that align with district personnel policies and practices by which to both select and monitor the success of the leadership team members they have chosen. When determining the criteria, administrators should also consider the current school climate and culture to keep and work to sustain a positive school culture.

In preparation for this assignment, refer to the list of non-administrator/non-instructional leadership positions generated in the Topic 1 organizational chart. You are a principal and have been asked to implement a new policy for filling these non-administrative/non-instructional leadership positions occupied by teachers, staff, and other stakeholders.

Write a 250-500 word narrative identifying a protocol for the annual selection process that includes:

Objectives, measurable criteria used to assess applicants for any non-administrative/non-instructional positions.
Protocol to ensure an unyielding commitment to the positive school culture including staff morale, shared leadership, collaboration, trust, and a student-centered environment is supported.
Strategies for promoting effective team/group dynamics in the newly developed process.

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