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Imagine that you are a human service practitioner working with a family involved in the foster care system. You recently removed three children from the home due to physical abuse and medical neglect. The family is dedicated to fulfilling the child welfare system requests, and would like to reunite with their children as soon as possible. Review the social work code of ethics provided on the Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals (posted below) website and choose two standards that would apply in this field of work. Then, explain how you would apply each of those standards in this particular situation. Justify your reasoning for each choice. As you are writing your journal assignment, think about how difficult it can be, both ethically and emotionally, to remove and reunite children and their families. At times, you may be asked to remove or reunite children in conflict with your personal opinion. Be sure to consider your own biases in your response.

Your journal assignment should be 3–4 paragraphs in length and any sources should be cited in APA format, whether paraphrased or directly quoted. Submit the journal assignment as a Word document.

Sample Solution

Contrasting the Themes of Love in Lord Byron’s “She Walks in Beauty” and Keats’ Poem, “La Belle Dame sans Merci” There are a wide range of topics that can be utilized to make both verse fruitful and critical. This is the all inclusive topic of affection. This topic can be created through verse by the creator utilizing structures and substance. Sir Byron’s “she strolls excellence” George Gordon is an alluring verse design with appealing substance. Ruler Byron of the nineteenth century painted a wonderful lady utilizing a personification and an allegory. His model and prosodic plan pulls in perusers to verse. “La Belle Dame sans Merci” (“Mercyless Beauty”) utilizes the title of Alan Schultier’s fifteenth century La Belle Dame s Mercy, yet doesn’t specify the sonnets. The distributed material form 1820 is not the same as Keats’ own 1819 adaptation. This sonnet is viewed as a British work of art and is a genuine case of keots’ beautiful enthusiasm for affection and demise. Notwithstanding its basic structure, there are just 12 segments, 4 lines, every one of which is a straightforward ABCB refrain framework. ‘La beauty Dame Sans Merci’ and ‘To Autumn’ are two instances of Keats’ works and we are investigating the ideal idea of sentimentalism. Through these two sonnets, keyless investigates the greatness of magnificence like “Labelle Dame sans merci” and the changing universe of nature, for example, “to fall” and makes unavoidable idea of life. here you go. Excellence is reality, the genuine magnificence is the thing that you know on the ground. Keats’ specialty and craftsmanship permit workmanship to catch the endless and widespread nature of life. In the excellence of exotic workmanship like a memory, individuals find the substance of magnificence and the quintessence of interchangeable truth. La Belle Dame sans Merci (French: ‘Gift Beauty’ is an anthem composed by British artist John Keats. It is a piece different.The unique was composed by Keats in 1819. Alain Chartier 15 The title of the sonnet of the century is not quite the same as the plot of the two stanzas, yet it is viewed as a British exemplary like different Keats works generalizations Explanation: In area 12, Although there are just 4 columns, this sonnet is a straightforward ABCB refrain framework brimming with riddle and subject to much translation.>

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