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Topic:                                     The History of Tobacco Use

General Purpose:                  To Inform audience

Specific Purpose:                   To notify my audience concerning one of the history of tobacco use.

  1. Introduction
  2. Attention Getter

In the contemporary society, smoking is perceived by many as common without worrying about the consequences. History outlines that yearly, over 430,000 individuals die annually in America due to smoking. Tobacco contains over 4,000 chemical substances that include polonium-201, acetone, ammonia, naphthalene, arsenic, hydrogen cyanide among others (Eriksen, Mackay & Ross, 2013). One would ask ‘where did tobacco originate?’

  1. Reason to Listen

Health problems remain the evident challenge of smoking. In most occasions, people are warned about the risks of addiction of nicotine. However, when a person smokes cigarette, the smoke is breathed intensely into………………

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