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• Part 1: Use Wireshark to Capture and Examine Network Traffic
After downloading Wireshark, start it on a system connected to a live network. Perform a capture for approximately five minutes, and then save the trace file in your work folder. If you are not on a network with live traffic, visit several websites to generate traffic. Review your data, sort them, and search for specific data (packet types) that you anticipate. Then, prepare a one- to two-page report documenting the traffic patterns that you observe. Identify whether you are on a network using NAT, or if routable IP addresses are visible. If applicable, identify any addresses that appear more than others. Discuss if a nonstandard port appears. In your report, also include a screen shot graphic of your Wireshark screen showing part of your captured data.
Part 2: Defend Depth Principles on a Small Office Network
Assume you are the owner of a small dental office with one dentist, five dental hygienists, a nurse, and three office assistants. Your employees must handle confidential patient information, including medical records and financial data such as credit card numbers. Prepare a three- to four-page paper determining how you could apply Defense in Depth (DiD) principles to your office network.

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