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As the world continues to become more diverse and multicultural, you  will find yourself interacting with individuals who differ from you in  many significant ways.  This diversity brings with it many great  benefits but it can also impact communication and relationships in  unexpected ways.  Consider if you, as a professional in Human Services,  have to provide in-home services to a family that has recently  immigrated to the United States from another country.  How might this  diversity impact expectations, communication, and relationships of all  involved?  Could you gather some information related to their culture  prior to engaging with them? 

Purpose:   This  interview and paper project focuses on exploring and learning about  cultural differences in interpersonal relations and communication.  One  way to safely experience and identify differences is through  interviewing a person from a culture significantly different from your  own. 

Overview:  Students will conduct an interview with an individual who identifies as being of another culture. The  person interviewed must differ from you in at least two significant  ways (culture, religion, primary language, country of origin).  There  are two parts of this project:  the first being the interview, and the  second is academic research on aspects of your interviewee’s culture.  Your  written explanation, description, and outside validation (through  references) will point out the differences you find between cultures.   



The paper must follow APA style, and will include a title page,  reference page, and running header.  No abstract is needed.  APA  standards include size 12 Times New Roman font, double-spaced and normal  margins.  You may use the following as guidelines for headers:

Introduce your interviewee, how you know the person, and describe  the cultural differences and reason for choosing this person.  Include a  thesis statement explaining the research aspect of the assignment.   Clearly identify the part of the culture that you chose to explore.  
Write a narrative summary of the interview, where you paraphrase  the discussion and highlight what you’ve learned about the cultural  differences of the interviewee.  You may relate some of the interview to  course material.  
Related Research
This section will cover the research aspect of the assignment.   Explain why the topic interested you, and continue your discussion  using APA standards for in-text citing.  Remember to integrate what you  learned about your interviewee in with your research.  
A strong conclusion paragraph is expected to summarize and tie  together what you learned throughout the interview and research.  


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