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  1. a) How can countries with emerging economies make use of information technology?
    b) How is wireless Internet access likely to influence e-marketing around the world?
    c) What responsibility do you think e-marketers should assume for helping to close the digital divide? Do you think consumers and governments should assume some responsibility, as well? Explain your answers.
  2. a) Copyright Infringement. If you were a famous recording artist what would you do to protect your income from piracy in the United States (illegal sharing and downloading of your music)?
    b) Which court should have jurisdiction over the Internet? Why?

Sample Solution

incomes feels superior to others. He addresses his guests by pronouncing: “the world is not like before, it changed, changed lots, it have become small and it involves you in your fingers alternatively you are going” (CS 413). Amir does no longer experience only admiration for the radio. It appears to feel fear. folks that have been close to him saw that night he did now not sleep in the equal vicinity because the radio and he loaded his rifle before going to mattress for fear that something occurs to this “calamity” (CS 422). Radio marks a new level within the life of the Emir. Having learned of the voice of London, he informs with Ridal. This gives him listen to “London” each night, including that way to the London radio that he discovered of the town of Harran, its oil port and refineries. Astonished, the Emir exclaims “All this in our Harran” (CS 428). there may be some thing ironic within the fact that, in London, the West is higher knowledgeable approximately the news of Harran that nearby civil authority consultant. This report reveals the nature of center / periphery. those choices are made on the center, not the periphery. there’s an asymmetry of statistics. With the telescope should see the Amir, however he should neither pay attention nor talk. With radio, he hears however can’t see or talk. Radio is a condensation of the word of the opposite. The Emir heard the speech of the West on Harran. The telescope and radio create a need which, when expressed through speech, becomes desire. This preference has no longer yet expressed, the Emir cannot come to be concern of speech. It then undergoes subjectivity conveyed through Western culture. The Emir, as we said in advance, belongs to a subculture that has no longer had contact with the brand new generation and that involves new relationship with the world. He leaves a “haptic space, which may be visual, auditory as well as tactile, in which again the imaginative and prescient space near-haptic” (Deleuze and Guattari 615). This new global, urbanized grid associated, according to Deleuze, to distant vision and a extra optical space. If he manages to operate the radio, the Emir does not apprehend the concept of broadcasting. Is that all understanding presupposes a subject of information and object of understanding. however according Godzich, the ratio of expertise to its item isn’t always the identical whether or not it’s far in the order of intelligible or sensible schedule: If the ratio of [the human being in the world] is that of a topic to an object, in this example there’s a file in worlds: the arena of intelligible objects and the sector of sensible gadgets seized through schools: mind for what is intelligible and not unusual experience in regards to sensitive objects. From this theory the individual would be composed of two subjects: knowledge of challenge in terms of mind and enjoy concern to what not unusual experience. (Godzich, N.P.) The Emir joins a global where all information is thought by means of and within the occasion, a world deeply marked by using the authority of the experience: “Do not engage yourself in something you do now not have best know-how. The hearing, sight, the heart of all this, we ask you responsible “(Qur’an s. 17, v. 36). This idea of practical revel in will be repeated inside the traditional Arab way of life within the form of proverbs and maxims. Then the positions of the Emir vis-à-vis the units of generation (approach and radio bezel) is not that of expertise of the problem however a subject of enjoy. He has no cognitive strength over them. also, if subjectivity is self referential, Amir, suffering with new innovations, can not discuss with itself. The senses are fragmented; they now not work collectively however separately. therefore his concept of space is boulversée. For Amir it’s far he who movements strong remaining area. With the telescope and radio, it’s far the sector that involves him, at the same time as he stands still to observe or pay attention. as a result the brand new chronotope in which is the Emir represents a brand new perception of space and time from the factor of vi>

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