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International gastronomy

Based on the gastronomy of a European Region, propose a Nine Course seasonal menu, suitable for production in a commercial environment. The contents of each course should be contextualized and justified in the historical development of factors affecting gastronomy. The resultant menu should be justified in terms of being capable of enjoying commercial success.
discuss the supply and consumer perspectives and focus on global and cultural gastronomy trends, economy, supply, and demand, healthy, cooking methods, local, popular and seasonal ingredients that will provide to the guests a fantastic experience. A beverage list with pairing notes for each course needs to be implemented as well. More details for the assignment will be given in due course.
engage with secondary literature in all written and assessed work. Below are the general indicative guidelines as to the level of engagement expected.

Academic peer-reviewed journals articles are required. Domains from .com websites are not allowed with the exception of the hotel or restaurant from which the project highlights. refer to journals found in Science Direct, The Directory of Open Access Journals, The Institute of Hospitality, and Mintel.


Follow this Structure:



Suggestion and justification
Special considerations
Marketing and Promotion


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